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Domestic Long Hair - Catster domestic longhair average adult male size

They typically weigh between 8 and 12 pounds and stand roughly 8 to 10 inches tall.

Weight: 11 – 15 pounds | male 8 – 12 pounds | female; Height: The Look of a Domestic Long Hair. Domestic Longhairs have long, fluffy fur. for pure breeds like the American Shorthair, while others bred to cats brought to America from foreign.

The American Longhair cat has a distinct family tree that's been But that doesn't mean these highly-varied, longhaired, mixed-breed kitties That said, their weight and length are generally in the mid-range of all cat breeds.

The domestic longhair cat is one of America's most popular cats and has a blended Beautiful, playful, and elegant; Variable, average build; Long, flowing hair coat; Many have a Maine coon cat, Norwegian forest cat, or an American bobtail cat relative. Osteoarthritis; Urinary tract obstruction (more common in males).